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leading manufacturer of storage and processing tanks from thermoplastics.
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Processing tanks

equipped with additional equipment (mixers, sensors, metering pumps, etc.) or prepared for their installation.
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Technological installations

performed by experienced welders. Projects in Poland and abroad.
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Szybka i efektywna metoda oczyszczania ścieków bez dodawania żadnych środków chemicznych do procesu.
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Imfitex Jerzy Jarawka sp. j.

IMFITEX Jerzy Jarawka sp.j. in Kedzierzyn-Kozle is a company present on the Polish market since 1991.

Initially acting as a company IMFITEX , in conjunction with the dynamic development, has been transformed in 2003 in a general partnership to become one of the leading companies in Poland offering a device with thermoplastic materials:

  • Storage and technological tanks
  • Pickling tanks and complete pickling line
  • Technological installation
  • Air purification systems (absorbers, scrubbers, washers, etc.)

IMFITEX is a modern managed company, in which the conditions for cooperation are adjusted to the individual needs of our customers.

Rapid response to customer needs in conjunction with the continuous upgrading of skills of our staff and the systematic development of machinery ensured the rapid development firm and stable position in the market.

IMFITEX Jerzy Jarawka Sp. J.
47-225 Kędzierzyn - Koźle
ul. Szkolna 15
tel./fax: + 48 (77) 48 86 524
e-mail: biuro@imfitex.com
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