Hot-Dip Galvanizing Plants

IMFITEX has a very rich experience in the supply line to the hot dip galvanizing. We have completed many projects in Poland, Europe and other continents.

As part of our offer, we offer you:  
  • Processing line chemical baths,
  • Heating installation of chemical baths,
  • Technological installation with tanks and pumps,
  • Ventilation system (local exhaust, intake, exhaust or ventilation pickling chamber ) with absorber and fan,
  • Installation of continuous regeneration of flux,
  • Waste neutralization station.  
According to your needs we will develop a complete technology, taking into account the specificity of production, and local environmental conditions. With our extensive experience we can assist you in selecting the optimal solution. 
We offer „turnkey” galvanizing plants – starting from the building, through the devices (a complete chemical line, furnace, dryer, filter dust, handling equipment, cranes, etc.) to technology delivery and final start-up.
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